Ep 117 Sustainable Wishes and Solar Power Dreams

This time I return with an Ecology episode. I start with the usual green-washing stories, this time relating to corporate ‘net zero’ goals, and meat labeling. Next I explore the racist source for lifeboat ethics/anti commons narratives, then revisit a […]

Ep 114: Proper-tea Spilling

We return from a month out of studio with a deep discussion about property with readings that explore how leftists can dig out of the usual pitfalls when discussing it. We also chat about Mike leaving his ill fitting salesman […]

Ep 113: A Real Leftist Mood

A final clip show for now: this one focuses on electoral activism and the parts that make up a vision of a leftist future. Beginning with clips that set the tone and explain bottom left propaganda; then clips relating to […]

Ep 112: From Peak Oil to Capitalism’s Bottom

The 2nd clip show of audio ripped from youtube videos I’ve saved for a several years and represent somewhat the evolution of my political outlook. Urban planning, peak oil, and Iraq war rants, the clips that introduced me to anti-capitalism, […]

Ep 111: Leftist Anguish On Leftube

A clip Show made up of bookmarked videos from Youtube arranged to tell something of a story of the feelings, narratives and inner monologues of leftists. The first Half covers Obama, how leftists see the world in the abstract, and […]

Ep 109: Eco-News To Possibly Use

We spend the first chuck of the show talking about the trap of culture war and social media outreach. A warning that the alternative is canvasing in person. We share news of pipelines getting held up and stopped by courts, […]