Season 3: 2020

Season 3: 2020

Episode 67: Green Party Blues    2/1/20

The case for the Greens actions in response to open letter. Various counterfactuals as well.

Episode 68: Ecosocialist Visions: with Julian Dante  2/8/20

Me and DSA comrade English teacher Julian cover the different Green New Deals: both Dem, green party, DSA, and opinions in the Green Party that point out a radical view still focuses on questions of growth and jobs.

Episode 69: The 2 Lefts Show: with Sam Fein 2/15/20

Assembly Dem Primary candidate joins me. He’s a progressive Dem and I try to mix things up. We then talk of regional environmentalism and cover our points of view. PS: he came pretty close to beating the incumbent.

Episode 70 : The Anarchist Option:  2/22/20

Duel Power projects in two cities, Direct action guide from crime think, why anarchism is important to have in the mix.

Episode 71: Primary’s End w/ Julian Dante 3/7/20

Julian returns , We cover the Primary as Bernie loses: we discuss our respective parties but also other political systems we want. 

Episode 72: The Long awaited Shock Begins w/ Paul Smart 3/14/20

A Lockdown has been called. I reflect and cover views on dealing with crisis, this and climate change. Program Director weighs in, we discuss Howard Kunsler and how some Doomsayers are almost right.

Episode 73: Anticapitalist Virus Response 3/21/20

The virus and the lockdown goes into effect. I cover various responses to the crisis and rage against the system.

Episode 74: Strike Wave and the need for socialism 4/5/20

Strikes have broken out, Workers step up, the need for socialism is made clear as well as its form.

Episode 75: I Rant for the green party 4/24/20

Bernie’s out, and the movement for him proves co-oped or aimless, I cover Green sneers and preview whats next for Berners:

Episode 76: Greenwashing Debunk Part 4: Capitalist Bugaloo

Capitalist bullshit environmentalism and missteps, Big data has to be reversed, Animal rights; deep critique of service economy and lifestylism. Late appearance again from program Director Paul Smart.

Episode 77: New Normals are Here Again: 5/13/20

Coverage of musings about the Pandemics deep impact, a reading from ‘Right to be Lazy’, various strategies going forward.

Episode 78: Revolution in 3 Easy Steps: 5/30/20

A break down of Hypernormality, an assessment of recent History, The nature of resistance, a look at past political revolution, how we can do it again now.

Episode 79 Yes: Abolish the Police :

Discussing police transformation, de-funding demands, and examples in action, including in Rojava

Episode 80: Memes and Cheer:

Welcome to the show new co-Host Micheal Walsh: we talk being a meme propagandist; How capitalism is ruining cheerleading.

Episode 81: Organizing: Dead or Dreaming?

Covering the fate of the CHOP; tough questions on leftist strategy, the possible trend away from organizing itself, and how that fits in todays struggles.

Episode 82: Organizing: Alive and Kicking:   7/11

Counterpoint with coverage of new organizing, past and present successes and potential of horizontalism.

Episode 83: Left-wing culture war part 1: Old Scars:   7/18

We cover past splits and sectarianism on the Left, looking at Orwell, Patriotism, and revolutionary visions.

Episodes 84: The Left Electoral Opposition: Green Party Convention:   7/25

Edited and compiled Audio from the Green Party PNC; first half is intro and speakers, 2nd half is Hawkins/Walker Q&A

Episode 85: Left-wing culture war part 2: Sex, love and Liberals:    8/1

We cover Swerfs, Terfs, neo-liberal tolerance  and other Green party and left-wing drama. Also relationship anarchism.

Episode 86: Pro-American, anti-United States:   8/16

Covering decolonizing from several angles: including anarchist, ML, and primivitist takes.

Episode 87:  Summer Slam’n NewsJam’n:   8/22

Various topics news episode; covering issues from co-parenting, new unions, anarchist praxis, and democracy reform.

Episode 88: Bread and Freeze Peaches:    8/29

We cover BLM issues of the day, a Reading of the Bread book, and pieces on free speech privilege

Episode 89: Radical Leftist Voting Guide:     9/19

A review of arguments for 3rd party voting, electoral strategy now and later; super spicy takes.

Episode 90: Media and Outreach for the masses: 9/29

We discuss media literacy, and capitalist destruction of being informed. Then we converse with a comrade from Ohio on messaging and various random topics.

Episode 91: Leftwing Culture war part 3: Ex-commies and deep MLs: 10/3

Accounts from communists in the 30s for insight. A deep dive on a Leninist Iceberg meme.

Episode 92: The Unpopular Front w Richard Moser   10/10

How Liberal-Left popular fronts backfire on the Left: Interview with retired Organizer

Episode 93: Lets talk Ecology w Paul Smart     10/17

Plastic Production grows but UK court blocks Airport on climate grounds:  Tree Communities and Eco-Marxism

Episode 94: Architectural Culture War    10/24

Urban Issues like Gentrification: Federal Architecture Politics: Modernism: The Inequity of Professional Licensing

Episode 95: Pre-Election Scares    10/31

Halloween Scares: Authoritarian States: Right wing violence: Case that it doesn’t matter if Trump Wins: America is failing state: Case for Rioting and Theft : Last call to vote 3rd Party

Episode 96: Architectural Justice Warriors     11/7

First look at election results: Revisiting Bad Modernism: Bespoke Black Architects: Anarchist practice of Architecture: Centrist proposal for reparations via urban development

Episode 97: Left Wing Strategy Tour Part 1: Where can the Greens Go?   11/14

Deeper look at election results: Review of possible responses and shifting radical strategy

Ep98: Left Wing Culture War Part 3: Bottom vs Top, Class vs Identity      11/21

A long discussion of the divides in the Left: In socialism and organizing: Considering they are false divides

Episode 99 Left Wing Strategy Tour Part 2: A 5 year Organizing Plan  12/5

Barriers to Unions: Small election wins: Black Communist History in Chicago: Black Panther Mutual Aid

Episode 100: No Shortcuts: Ecology Edition  12/12

Debunk of Carbon Capture: De-growth Movement: Slow not smart Cities: Keeping Permacuture Radical

Episode 101: Its Not Just the Police   12/19

Lawyer Prof explains why you don’t talk to the police . Continuing the Police Abolition Discussion: Radical BLM split: Checking in with lack of real police reform

Ep 102: Anarchy is a Verb 12/26/20

Covering Anarchist Praxis with Latest of Antifa: A right wing Trans infiltrates: debrief of Action in Chicago: Bottom Unity and Direct Action Guides.