Ep 103: Islands of Anarchy 

Continuing anarchism leads to duel power stories. Rent Strikes, a delivery bike coop: Then Participatory Budgeting,  the radical local governance of yesterdays Portland and today’s Rojava.

Ep 104: Going Cashless the Leftist Way (1/9/21)

first reactions to the capital Hill riot: introduction to various types of Alt currencies both utopian and practical; TimeBanking, gift economy, local currencies and more.

Ep105: Blocks off the Chain  (1/16/21)

A socialist case for blockchain based Cypto-currencies: Takes on the Dollar and Class of Trump Base

Ep106:  Save Us Comrade Xi!

Talking China: Indian Left’s take on Ugigyr Abuse: Ways China stands up to US Hegemony: Ways CCP is OK, ways they aren’t: I cover their policies and outcomes.

Ep107: Pandemic Part 5: The Dystopia That Is (2/20/21)

How the Pandemic is effecting the future: readings from Zizek, coverage of India’s Communists,  1%ers doing VR, How capitalism is a death cult, comparing with leftwing dystopian fiction. An except from such a novel.

Ep 108: Solarpunk 2: Utopias in the Making

The 2nd Solarpunk Episode; Putting down cyberpunk; Reviews and coverage of the Genre, Black Afropunk; defending art; How culture goes toxic by taking things too literally. 

Ep109: Eco News to Possibly Use

Ecology stories here again. Various types, reforms in NYC, Apps that save forests, good gas pipeline news, grassroots mass gardening; a video produced by Namoi Klein about healing the world.

Ep 110: Left Wing Strategy Tour Part 3: The Co-op Question   (3/20/21)

Co-ops are cool; but how do they fit in leftist strategy? How far can they go?  Q&A with Prof Wolff; A New type of Real Estate co-op; A journalist talks up the movement in Europe in new book; History of radical Jewish co-op in NYC; IWW argues against co-op strategy.

Ep:111  Leftist Anguish on left-Tube  (3/27/21)

Clip show from Leftists on Youtube.  Featuring Matt Christman and the Chapo Boys, The Serfs, Zero Books, the Slavic Yugopnik,  Peter Coffin, Indian Marxist Prof Prashad and two others. Arranged to tell a story and discuss the dueling narratives within the Left.

Ep112: From Peak Oil to Capitalist Bottom

 The 2nd youtube clip show: topics of urbanism, planning, oil politics; into to anti-capitalism from marxist profs and a reading from Abolish  work. This clipshow represents my own political journey from my architectural interests in School to the anarcho-communist politics of Occupy.

Ep113:  A Real Leftist Mood

3rd Clipshow: topics include more philosophy and propaganda, Occupy and direct democracy, electoralism and 3rd Party clips, and wrapping up with utopian lefty project ideas.

Ep114: Proper-Tea Spilling  (5/9/21)

Taking  look at property: good governance tied to Democracy:  A land based theory of money: An-cap Debunk:  Old An-com argument about property, and a deep Lib-com discussion of private property.

Ep115 The Unity of Opposites: Left wing Culture War part 4

A Look at the revolutionary tenancies that fight online. Setup with Libertarians in NH: Libertarian socialists and their reaction of other leftists: An overview of Market Anarchism: a deep look at ML groups. A conclusion that they are doing the same things.

Ep116: Revolutionary Reductionism: Left wing Culture War part 5

Covering the topics of Identity vs class politics. Survey Shows Class framing works better: case against using BIPOC: queerness from a Marxist: Using progressive stack: History of identity reductionism since the 60s.

Ep117: Sustainable Wishes and Solar Power Dreams

Ecology Episode as heatwaves strike. corporate ‘net-zero’ and sustainable meat: revisit on renewable transition: Low tech articles on vertical farming, healthcare, and citrus fruit growing outside of topical climates.

Ep118: Happy Motoring: Dangerous Living (6/22/21)

Where car culture and police abuse intersect. Centrist solutions like automating tickets; or speed control in planning: Denver and Newark tout policing reforms: Driving as weapon of the right: The failure of the current driving test and licensing.

Ep119: Party Suppression on the DL (6/29/21)

Duopoly Coverage with Primary Results. Focus on NY and our 1 party state: Money in politics and the improbability of reform: Dems blocking it. Ensuring separation from the establishment.

Ep120: Worker Party Independence Day (7/6/21)

Continuing Electoral strategy Discussion: arguments for 3rd party for workers: liberals hate class politics; most nonvoters do; DSA can’t control an office holder they endorsed; A word on insider/outsider political work; A breakdown of the debate inside the DSA, about what kind of Dem-enter.

Ep121: Are We Winning Son?  (7/13/21)

Looking at Psychological Problems et Large. The Psychopathy of Normie Americans: New work on Depression: A POC interogates the logic of evolutionary psych: ‘Aro-Space’ ahead: Non sexual Coupling: A Better Survey of Singles: Musing about the feminist strategy in motion.

Ep122: Return of New Atheists and Food Socialism (7/20/21)

New Atheist College Buddy visits and we talk topics.  Church membership declines: similar trend in Middle east: discussion of what matters with looks at a town run grocery and Black owned coops.

Ep123: What Are The Greens Doing These Days?

Clips from the green Party’s virtual Conference.  Keynote speaker from Coop Jackson: Women running for Office: Talks on Money Policy and Voting reform.

Ep124: The Congress Canvasser (8/10/21)

Interview with Dem-Soc Congressional Candidate. His story and grassroots campaigning: More GP talks: Deep Canvasing and Green-Red organizing efforts.

Ep125: Ecological Manic-Depressive 8/17/21

Eco stories that switch from black pilling to cottage-core content. Review of steady state econ essay: Recycling law in Maine: Classism in Climate movement: farms losing topsoil: forestry research: natural backyard pools: Big Oil looking to green-wash plastic.



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