Season 4: 2021

Ep 103: Islands of Anarchy 

Continuing anarchism leads to duel power stories. Rent Strikes, a delivery bike coop: Then Participatory Budgeting,  the radical local governance of yesterdays Portland and today’s Rojava.

Ep 104: Going Cashless the Leftist Way (1/9/21)

First reactions to the capital Hill riot: introduction to various types of Alt currencies both utopian and practical; TimeBanking, gift economy, local currencies and more.

Ep105: Blocks off the Chain  (1/16/21)

A socialist case for blockchain based Cypto-currencies: Takes on the Dollar and Class of Trump Base

Ep106:  Save Us Comrade Xi!

Talking China: Indian Left’s take on Ugigyr Abuse: Ways China stands up to US Hegemony: Ways CCP is OK, ways they aren’t: I cover their policies and outcomes.

Ep107: Pandemic Part 5: The Dystopia That Is (2/20/21)

How the Pandemic is effecting the future: readings from Zizek, coverage of India’s Communists,  1%ers doing VR, How capitalism is a death cult, comparing with leftwing dystopian fiction. An except from such a novel.

Ep 108: Solarpunk 2: Utopias in the Making

The 2nd Solarpunk Episode; Putting down cyberpunk; Reviews and coverage of the Genre, Black Afropunk; defending art; How culture goes toxic by taking things too literally. 

Ep109: Eco News to Possibly Use

Ecology stories here again. Various types, reforms in NYC, Apps that save forests, good gas pipeline news, grassroots mass gardening; a video produced by Namoi Klein about healing the world.

Ep 110: Left Wing Strategy Tour Part 3: The Co-op Question   (3/20/21)

Co-ops are cool; but how do they fit in leftist strategy? How far can they go?  Q&A with Prof Wolff; A New type of Real Estate co-op; A journalist talks up the movement in Europe in new book; History of radical Jewish co-op in NYC; IWW argues against co-op strategy and ta.

Ep:111  Leftist Anguish on Left-Tube  (3/27/21)

Clip show from leftists on Youtube.  Featuring Matt Christmen and the Chapo Boys, The Serfs, Doug Lain, Yugopnik,  Peter Coffin, Indian, Marxist Prof Prashad and two others. Arranged to tell a story and discuss the dueling narratives within the Left.

Ep112: From Peak Oil to Capitalist Bottom

 The 2nd youtube clip show: topics of urbanism, planning, oil politics; into anti-capitalism from Marxist profs and a reading from ‘Abolish Work’. This clip-show represents my own political journey from my architectural interests in school to the anarcho-communist politics of Occupy.

Ep113:  A Real Leftist Mood

3rd Clipshow: topics include more philosophy and propaganda, Occupy and direct democracy, electoralism and 3rd Party clips, and wrapping up with utopian lefty project ideas.

Ep114: Proper-Tea Spilling  (5/9/21)

Taking  look at property: good governance tied to Democracy:  A land based theory of money: An-cap Debunk:  Old An-com argument about property, and a deep Lib-com discussion of private property.

Ep115 The Unity of Opposites: Left wing Culture War part 4

A Look at the revolutionary tenancies that fight online. Setup with Libertarians in NH: Libertarian socialists and their reaction of other leftists: An overview of Market Anarchism: a deep look at ML groups. A conclusion that they are doing the same things.

Ep116: Revolutionary Reductionism: Left wing Culture War part 5

Covering the topics of Identity vs class politics. Survey Shows Class framing works better: case against using BIPOC: queerness from a Marxist: Using progressive stack: History of identity reductionism since the 60s.

Ep117: Sustainable Wishes and Solar Power Dreams

Ecology Episode as heatwaves strike. corporate ‘net-zero’ and ‘sustainable’ meat: revisit on renewable transition: Low tech articles on vertical farming, healthcare, and How the Soviet Union grew citrus fruit outside of topical climates.

Ep118: Happy Motoring: Dangerous Living (6/22/21)

Where car culture and police abuse intersect. Centrist solutions like automating tickets; or speed control in planning: Denver and Newark tout policing reforms: Driving as weapon of the right: The failure of the current driving test and licensing.

Ep119: Party Suppression on the DL (6/29/21)

Duopoly Coverage with Primary Results. Focus on NY and our 1 party state: Money in politics and the improbability of reform: Dems blocking it. Ensuring separation from the establishment.

Ep120: Worker Party Independence Day (7/6/21)

Continuing Electoral strategy Discussion: arguments for 3rd party for workers: liberals hate class politics; most nonvoters do; DSA can’t control an office holder they endorsed; A word on insider/outsider political work; A breakdown of the debate inside the DSA, about what kind of Dem-enter.

Ep121: Are We Winning Son?  (7/13/21)

Looking at Psychological Problems et Large. The Psychopathy of Normie Americans: New work on Depression: A POC interogates the logic of evolutionary psych: ‘Aro-Space’ ahead: Non sexual Coupling: A Better Survey of Singles: Musing about the feminist strategy in motion.

Ep122: Return of New Atheists and Food Socialism (7/20/21)

New Atheist College Buddy visits and we talk topics.  Church membership declines: similar trend in Middle east: discussion of what matters with looks at a town run grocery and Black owned coops.

Ep123: What Are The Greens Doing These Days?

Clips from the green Party’s virtual Conference.  Keynote speaker from Coop Jackson: Women running for Office: Talks on Money Policy and Voting reform.

Ep124: The Congress Canvasser (8/10/21)

Interview with Dem-Soc Congressional Candidate. His story and grassroots campaigning: More GP talks: Deep Canvasing and Green-Red organizing efforts.

Ep125: Ecological Manic-Depressive 8/17/21

Eco stories that switch from black pilling to cottage-core content. Review of steady state econ essay: Recycling law in Maine: Classism in Climate movement: farms losing topsoil: forestry research: natural backyard pools: Big Oil looking to green-wash plastic.

Ep126: Transit Angst   8/31/21

Mass Transit Time:  The Buildout of the Highway System; The Oscars disrupt the LA Subway; more complex car systems as scams;   Crime on NYC subways; counter that there isn’t much crime; Space for urban dirt bikers; Bus Success in Midwest; UK city aims to break car dependence with ‘Ghent Plan’

Ep127: Urbanist Anxiety    9/7/21

Urban Planning Policy:  Breakdown of The Ghent Plan from last episode; The Liberal policy of Upzoning; Gentrification does cause evictions; community leader calls bull on ‘urbanism policy’; doing public housing without past racism; Architect rant about state of building industry.

Ep128 The Housing Struggle 9/21/21

More Housing Issues:  Trickle down housing, Construction costs rising; liberals against rent control; landlords and poverty; platform of ending for profit housing;  Tenants movement successes; A Call for abolishing rent

Ep129: Leftist Infighting Panel 9/26/21

Twich Streamed Panel with streamers and one other organizer;  online drama; discussions of avoiding problems and conflicts

Ep130 Class Conflict Confusion 10/5/21

Dipping In to talking about Class Analysis in today’s America.  Historian’s Essay on local 1%ers;  An interview expands on the essay; Touch on moderate Micheal Lind; A reaction from one on the right;  then left.

Ep131: Class Conflict Clarity   10/19/21

Trying to figure out how Class works these days:  Exploring ‘radical centrist’ Micheal Lind; A Marist blow against professional class talk; Leftist take on fighting Golbal capitalists and not the local ones; College Admissions are dropping; Strike-tober Coverage; A banker talks about ‘worker shortage’; Hiring prevented by automation. 


Ep132: Local Elections as Revolutionary Praxis    10/26/21

Some stories connecting electoral-ism to more radical politics: Communists hold majority in Austrian City; Greens Gain in Scotland and Germany; A peace activists run for mayor in CT; Howie Hawkins reflects on last years Presidential Campaign

Ep 133: Insider Trade Offs and the Democracy Agenda   11/9/21

Dem enter discussion and radical election reform; Some election results of interest; Interview with Dem soc State Senator;  DSA loss in Buffalo;  Outline of democracy agenda by Hawkins.

Ep134: What Laws are Worth following?  12/15/21

Looking at the interplay of protection from the law and oppression by it.  Trump removed from mainstream media; Post Script of the Jan 6th Capital Riot; Feds and cops have cracked down on BLM groups; Right extremism fueled by empire; Comparing left-wing to right-wing violence; Comment on why the left doesn’t protest well; A Rad-lib gets bullies out of town; Case that rise of petty crime is good omen.