Month: March 2020

  • Episode 72: The Crisis Begins

    The social and economic lock-down has began and I reflect on the board implications of it and other thoughts with the help of a clip of Zero Books publisher Douglas […]

  • Episode 73: Left-wing Virus Response

    The Lock-down is only beginning, and so is the anger I feel for the system. I share some of it with you via some reactions to the crisis: I cover […]

  • Episode 71: Primary Possibilities

    This time we start with Julianā€˜s reaction to super Tuesday and DNC malfeasance, compare that to our respective orgs, The GP and DSA, we meander through various possibilities not only […]

  • Episode 69: The 2 Lefts Show

    I have as a guest Albany County Legislator Sam Fein, A progressive Dem running for State Assembly and neighbor to the radio station. We discuss the Dem Primary, local environmental […]

  • Episode 70: The Anarchist Option

    This time I Discuss why anarchist thinking is important with an essay from Current Affairs editor Nathan Robinson; Then I give an explanation of affinity groups, talk about dual power […]

  • Episode 68: Ecosocialism Deepdive

    I’m joined by Juilian Dante to Discuss the full content of a Radical Green New Deal, the benchmark for ecosocialism. We go into the ideals, policy, and politics of it. […]