Episode 68: Ecosocialism Deepdive

I’m joined by Juilian Dante to Discuss the full content of a Radical Green New Deal, the benchmark for ecosocialism. We go into the ideals, policy, and politics of it. In the 2nd half we go into how other radicals argue about it, solving our environmental problems while also considering public support. We finish with a gut punch of a piece the questions how we fight for change in the first place. Join the Fun!



DSA statement of ideals ecosocialists.dsausa.org/2019/02/28/gnd-principles/
Radical GND presented by Howie Hawkins
First nation activists want green new deal to be more radical
Interparty debate of GND production fetish? Global outlook for GND needed
Are we all doing politics wrong? Call for Duel power in the face of climate chaos

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