Season 1: 2018

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Season One is of course, my first on the Air. It includes content I recorded over the few years before hand. Between one off topics with friends; I focus on Green Party stories, practical victories on the ground, and discussing what general goals for a cohesive left could be.

Ep 1 Intro to the Show: mid 2015

I explain the concept and vision for the program in this test recording

Ep 2 Green Capitalism? Late 2015

I discuss the pitfalls of industrial renewables as a town opposes a solar farm. Instead of calling them dumb hicks like a liberal would, I try to look at it from a class point of view.

Ep 3 Going Full Communist Mid 2016   With Nick

I invite over a Socialist Party colleague, we discuss what we’re reading, and various topics that align with our interests.

Ep 4 Gondola Socialism Late 2016

The rest of  Nick of the SP, we talk Cuba, local politics, and argue about a proposed Gondola across the Hudson River.

Ep 5 The Micro and the Macro 3/9/18 With Jermey Brock

Supermarket Coworker Jermey and I cover service worker strikes large and small, shift to local issues that pertain to gentrification; than go broad again and cover  a ruling that legalizes sleepping in your car.

Ep 6 The infrastructures of our discontent 3/17/18

We cover a student walkout, review the plan to remove our river blocking highway, the plan for NY going off fossil fuels, and a Nation piece on the general alternative to capitalism in the form of co-op syndicates.

Ep 7 Gun Control…and nerd stuff 3/29/18

I respond to a mass shooting by covering a spread of takes on control from the far left, including that it has been racist.  I then go lighter by reading an anarchist review of StarWars VIII, and crowdfunded board games with social Justice content.

Ep 8 A Matter of Tactics 3/31/18

We cover Direct Action and its positive results against Israel, pipelines, and against the alt right. Also the related story that younger Jews like myself no longer support the Israeli project. Turns out us snowflakes find genocide icky.

Ep 9 Peak Liberalism 4/7/18

more of a variety show this time. taking homelessness, 90’s media with anti-capitalist lessons, taking about Dr Peterson and his Rules for Life, discuss Plato as required reading,  and finish with a piece about balancing being a consumer in the system and the desire to be ethical.

Ep 10 Long Odds 4/14/18

The first of a few episodes where I cover the presidential race in my own way. By giving my take on Yangs basic income, cover Howie Hawkins campiagn for Governor in NY, and share his reasons for why.  I preface this with the contradictions of facebook as a political tool, and lack of trust in the system by my age group.

Ep 11 Earth Day Sandwich 4/21/18 With Jeremy Brock

Its Earth Day but I spend most of the episode talking about the Drug War, Police state, bombing in Syria, but also cover eco-socialism as a concept and local management of human waste and how we all mishandle our shit.

Ep 12 May Day Special 4/28/18 with Jeremy Brock

Union Victories, Class warfare, Cuba’s socialism more feminist than liberals, funding parity, and the ‘How version of anarchism, all this and more on May Day.

Ep 13 Back on Our Feet Swinging 6/23/18  With Colin Ablele

Me and fellow socialist Colin discuss and take down various bullshit, greenwashing, capitalism; but also cover theory’s of how equal pre-modern society were.

EP 14 Thinking and Struggling 6/30/18 with Sage

I have on friend ‘Sage’ to discuss changing minds via podcasts and debate tatics, and practice with a rebel town in Mexico and rejecting narratives of Laziness.

Ep 15 Tempered Progress with Colin Ablele:   7/7/18 

Antifa gets a PR loss but AOC has won in Queens, What does the far left think of this? We cover green party responses and make a case that despite the victory of one DSA member, an ind party is still needed. (warning: this episode is cut short due to technical error)

Ep 16 The system Drives us Mad with colin abele and Issac Hoppe 7/21/18

  In the first Half we cover electoral bullshit and a row between our local police union and the leadership, along with the muddled responses from all sides. In the 2nd Half we disscuss the general problems with how we deal with mental health in america, both Colin and friend Issac share their personal stories and comment on content from blog ‘Mad in America’ including some language policing.

Ep 17 SOLARPUNK!!!  WITH SAGE   7/28/18

We cover the movement of Solarpunk and its politics, including a caucus in the Libertarian party of comrades looking to recruit sex workers as candidates (bottom unity?), Then some archeology to disrupt the euro-centric worldview.

Ep 18 Mow the Rich, not lawns:   with colin ablele  8/4/18

Colin from the local SP cover the ways the dems are being split in half from both ends, the NYTimes coverage of the Green Party, local wins against fossil fuels, and how terrible lawns are.

Ep 19 Antifa comes home:    with Matt   8/20/18

Comrade and SP member Matt joins the show to discuss our recent trip to Charlottesville and joining a black block. We also discuss antifa activism in general with the results of Portland demos.

Ep 20 What are we fighting for?  8/25/18

I cover and comment on an essay of an artist friend of mine, Hawkins explanation of socialism, and a massive prison strike across the south.

Ep 21 and 22 : with lelia   9/1/18


I have on friend and not-activist Lelia to talk of her opinions and experience with local education policy, we rant about charter schools and local politics.

Democrats and their problems

I discuss and cover the limits and drawbacks of reformist policies, the NY sham dem primary and Howie Hawkins response.

Ep 23 and 24: with Sage:  9/15/18

Jobs fix the climate apparently 

Good news. there’s consensus that without a solution, climate change will kill us, bad news, there are very bad ideas as to what qualifies as a solution. I cover 3 mainstream sources reacting to the UN saying capitalism needs to end with, ‘does it though?’

Eco Socialist Solidarity Plz

I follow part 1 with intersectionality problems in environmental activism and how to overcome them.  Then we cover the oddness of the dem primary for Vermont governor, featuring a teenager and the front-runner being a trans/gay businessperson.

EP 25  Dan Explains it All  9/15/18


EP 26 and 27: 10/6/18

The Many Forms of Anarchism

Anarchism is more practice than anything, so I look at anarchistic projects large and small, from a region in the past, community work in PR, and a local squat. I wrap up with a take on rising acceptance of socialism.

Follies of Dem Enter

I layout a case for inside-out electoralism with stories about the backpedaling cowardice of the Working Families party in NY, how dems are keeping a socialist from running, a veteran activists take on DSA work, and a rant from Green Party Congressional Candidate Greenfield.

EP 28 and 29:  10/13/18

Escape and Validation Needed

This one hits a few points in a line. I give my take of when Kanye sat down with Trump, a breakdown of a reform bill, explain our goal in capitalism. Related is the topic of belonging and escape from objectivity, via 9-11 truth and an explanation from a Left-tuber.

A self Conscious History of the World

Two pieces from meta-modernism blog continue the theme of the last hour with a discussion of history, larger trends, and a possible way of ‘escaping’ capitalism. 


Ep 30 and 31: 10/20/18

Buying ourselves out of the system

I talk about the Gritty Meme, Then cover examples of people organizing and buying out the owners to form a co-cop; tenents, workers, and whole countries.

Left Unity ??

I Use Chris Hedges to represent some challenges to Left unity, with him at his best and worst.  I cover the Marxist centers conference, greens winning in Germany, and the hate mail Candidate Greenfield gets and how he responds.

Ep 32 and 33: 11/3/18    with Josh Muno  

Bottom Up worker unity

Myself and friend socialist friend Josh cover commune development in Venezuela, and the role of unions in the Russian Revolution. Seems Socialist revolution is never as top-down as detractors want to think it is.

Dividing lines in elections and Beyond

We continue the unions piece. Then do some electoral issues with some shade to Dem socs, a green Party Appeal, and comments from a green Candidate Greenfield.

Ep 34 and 35: 11/17/18

How to respond to ecocide?

Covering some permaculture, how solar panels can’t be recycled, Direct Action for climate emergency, and minor party results from the ’18 midterms, including a debrief.

Jewish history for the perplexed

Jewish history is often unknown or misrepresented, I give my own top-down version to hopefully clear some things up.

ep 36: 12/8/18  Think Global, Act Local

Covering localist policy, follow up with the Stein recount, and the general results of green party campaigns this year.

EP 37:   12/15/18  Yellow Vests and Global Direct democracy

General overview of the Yellow vest movement, two left-wing statements on it, I then cover assemblies in Rojava and France, linking them in a greater movement.