Resources and Media Links



News Sources

Real News Network:   Crowdsource Funded News Network with experts and reporting from around the world with veteran activist news-people.

Black Agenda Report:News, commentary, podcast and more from the Black Left. 

Agency: The Anarchist PR project; reporting anarchist coverage and published opinions

Enough14: Anarchist reporting collective

ZineLibrary: feminist world stories

Submedia: Anarchist collective that produces regular programs; mini-docs, and some riot porn.  Also on youtube

BlackRose Federation: anarchist Org with Analysis and articles

Roar magazine: Collected Left-wing Essays

It’s Going Down: Antifa and Insurrectionist coverage

Current Affairs : News and analysis coop lead(?) by Nathan Robinson



Other Radical Podcasts (in no particular order)

This is Hell- Public Radio of Chicago, interviews about current events from an anti-capitalist viewpoint.

Millennials are Killing Capitalism: they almost took the idea for the 3 Lefts; but they do interviews with a focus on organizing

Ex- Worker: Do things in the moment podcast from an anarchist media collective that will send you free pamphlets. they do long and short form segments.

Srsly Wrong: Humor laden but serious podcast about ideas big and small from an anarchistic place.

Zero Books Podcast: Radical left book publishers interviews of their authors and other deep conversations.

Revolutionary Left Radio: in the name, does interviews with the well read to explore revolutionary topics.

The Guillotine: Sister show to Rev live, half segmented news stories and half call ins from the web.

Giving the Mic to the Wrong Person: Despite saying its a media show, Has same politics as Dan and political guests who discuss organizing. Fun banter and on the ground how to’s.

Channel Zero Network:  Many different programs on offer, a podcast collective with anarchist politics aplenty.



LeftyTube/BreadTube:  Radical left YouTube Channels

Some are made up of those that respond and debunk the right, while others talk about leftwing topics, educate and build better online lefty culture. Wild  stuff that will pull you in.

hbomberguy:  Brit gamer who counter rationals alt right culture and explores media topics that interest him.

Libertarian Socialist Rants: Also British, younger but blunt: less active but good introduction to topics.  defunct

Bad Mouse Productions: last Brit guy I’ll plug, also less active but many funny explanatory videos.  defunct

Though Slime:  Less focused on responding to other youtubers, but building leftytube culture, uses the word doofus alot.

Contra-points: Trans women ex-academic who makes informative and hilariously raucous videos: has taken a turn for the disconnected in the last year.

NonComplete: Communist puppet shows, Anarchist explanations, The ‘Breadcast’ with  Vietnamese partner Luna, with her own program Luna Oi!

Mexie: Does Academic like lectures; conversations and more       

Pop Culture Detective:   SJW spin off of Anitia Sareisan and ruinner of TV and Movies

Peter Coffin . Weekly Talks; Excellent Mini-Documentaries up to a point. has gone down a reactionary line of thought now:  Also has his own book; Custom Reality and You.

Angie Speaks: Radical Brit black witch  commentator: Links with Coffin alot

Shawn:  dry humor video responses to the right and bad culture online like CinemaSins. does more on twitter now.

Innuendo Studios:  Breaks down GamerGate, Alt right talking points and more.

Particia Traxxon :  Great Trans Musician that talks about Art and Capitalism.