Season 2: 2019

Episode 38:  Calls for Revolution  and defending socialist states  1/12/19

Changing minds and Pam Anderson has gone radical. Communist movements past and present and the states that result, with the good of Cuba, and the ‘not that bad’ of Stalin.

Episode 39 and 40: Capitalism’s Gotta go/ anticapitalism 101    1/19/19

Part 1: The Green Party has the solution: capitalism, by looking at housing and energy, is the problem.

Part 2: Covering the myth of Green Growth, The lack of freedom and creation of crime of market capitalism.

Episode 41: Solidarity In, Garbage Out  2/9/19

A slew of stories of the terrible things in the world, and their answers in the form of cooperative action. With some coverage of attempts from corporations and governments to address unsustainability.

Episode 42: Moving Forward Means moving Left 2/23/19

Liberalism is on the back foot, as it has been; but radical action and socialism is coming, so is red-baiting.

Episode 43: Wait, is this a communist show?  3/2/19

Taking a look at Maoist and ML viewpoints, a conference of such groups, and notable people who were radical lefties

Episode 44: Wasted Time on market failures  3/20/19

Take-downs of charity, energy efficiency standards, and recycling. A look at what can replace them.

Episode 45:  Elections; Worth It?  4/6/19

A full overview of mostly every argument against electoralism as a strategy for the Left. 

Episode 46: Dems Fail hard. Can greens Do better?     4/13/19

An overview of Green Party politics, self criticism, making an argument for electoral work.

Episode 47: Cooperation vs chaos       4/20/19

Coverage of positive stories related to cooperative enterprises, education, and some metaphysics to back it up.

Episode 48: May Day hodgepodge special    5/4/19

I try having background music as I discuss An-caps being terrible and better economics, with or without money.

Episode 49: A New Labor Movement crawls forward 5/18/19

Some stories about small bursts of new labor organizing, and a reminder the old ‘misleaders’ are not helping

Episode 50: Trama, addiction, etc.   an Interview with Jason the Change Agent 5/25/19

A therapist calls in to talk about his work and time-banking.

Episode 51: Nimby? No Way! w/Hassan Elmiywani 6/1/19

A discussion of local urban policy with an up and coming community leader, friend and partner of Lelia

   Episode 52: The meaning of ‘Save The Earth’.(greenwashing #1) 6/8/19

‘Being Green’ is mostly popular, but the world still burning. Time for a green-washing debunk.

Episode 53: leftism is communist.  6/15/19

There’s still a lot of anticommunist framing in our public discourse, and it hurts the Left.

Episode 54: Anarchy: Rules 6/29/19

Anarchists organize and some DIY communes last longer than others, I explore how.

Episode 55: High Tech, High Impacts 7/13/19  

Mainstream renewable energy still has massive ecological impact. Is there a workaround?

Episode 56:  Structuralism for Everybody 7/20/19

‘We live in a Society’ says the meme; well what does that mean regarding justice and politics?

Episode 57: Pitfalls and Paths toward ecology (greenwashing #2) 8/10/19

There’s alot of bullcrap when it comes to going green, but there are small movements that represent a positive future.

Episode 58: Ecocide and Revolution 8/31/19

Summer of green politics episodes continue with growing developments like eco-socialism and outsider solutions.

Episode 59: Socialism isn’t radical enough. Authoritarianism on the Left  9/7/19

Taking a look at top-down leftism with some criticism and rejection of it, but also some justifications and context.

Episode 60: What Does Democracy look like? 9/14/19

Looking at the positives and need for direct democracy, including an example of it being used not so well at the DSA, and really well with the Zapatistas.

Episode 61: How to Think like a Marxist 10/12/19

Digging into topics like systemic exploitation,transportation, non-profits and more through the lens of class.

Episode 62: The Right kind of Organizing? w Julian Dante 12/7/19

I cover a piece that argues the Democrats act like a successful cadre party and we should copy them. Then some critiques of some activists and organizing as it happens today.  (this was posted out of order for the sake of my new co-host!)

Episode 63: The End of Civilization? 10/19/19

As climate change slowly crashes apone us in many forms, I take a look at various reactions to our society’s decline. Are we to be doomers or bloomers; technocrats or revolutionaries?

Episode 64: Radical Politics Redux  10/26/19

I explore the struggle for the New Deal on insight for getting big reforms, and cover some of the radical policies and activity of today including housing for all and public banking.

Episode 65: The US Empire; how will it end?

There’s alot of unrest out there against the US economic order, instead I cover the different harms present and past and how the pentagon sees itself coping. I also bash progressives on being nice to the fascists of Israel.

Episode 66: Clean the world only to ruin it differently: Green Washing debunk #3

I cover stories related to electric cars and sea mining to illustrate that there is no green capitalism, green energy is not green, and make the case for post-capitalism and collective degrowth.