This last season is a transitory one focused on wrapping up various standing topics and covering saved content from the previous 3 years.

Ep 135: Social Issues Sensual and Systemic   1/4/22

Coverage of Social Issue topics of interest:  Pro Life activist switches; Sex work during the pandemic; doubting porn/sex addiction; Women she Gay bars seen as safer;  romance usually starts as friendship; Aro/Aces count as queer;  Take-downs of toxic positivity, then meritocracy; big changes happen quickly;  Call for museum reform

Ep 136: Para-what?     1/11/22

Full dive into Parecon; economic model for socialism that maintains our values;   Featuring Guest pod-caster Tristan host of ‘The Mayhem Calling’; he gives his thoughts and reaction.

Ep137: Planet of Hypocrites  1/18/22

Reviews and reactions of Micheal Moore Produced Documentary Planet of the Humans: I preface that Portugal reached 100% renewables; 2 critics of the film; 1 friend of the filmmaker weights in; 2 reviews from climate organizers; then a  final Rant from GP candidate Steve Greenfield.

Ep 138: Quiet Revolutions in Labor 1/25/22

Final Episode about Unionism: Covering the hope from an increase in worker Actions; A new union buys their workplace; Striking Telecom workers start their own coop Internet service; About the worker buy out law in Italy; Students organize walkout via Tiktok;  Grad students fight for courses about abolition; How democracy/anarchism is actually pretty boring, in the good way.

Ep 139: Left Wing Strategy Tour Part 4: Pick your Project  2/1/22

Wrap up show asking what ‘the’ Leftist project should be.  A poll that shows socialism the word is more acceptable; A DemSoc says reformism first;  A Marxist says build revolutionary groups with a program; An Eco-anarchist says prefiguritive politics; A Libsoc says build worker power under large orgs that challenge the state; and last an open letter to socialists old and new.

Ep 140: Food for Thought     2/8/22

Wrap Up for Food and related Ecological Issues. I cover The double-think of meat eating; kids misidentifying what meat is; A case against animal rights for the sake of it; A definition of food sovereignty;  A UK supermarket drops use by dates; and Radical Argo-ecology in Puerto Rico.

Ep 141: Materialist By living in a Multi-polar World  3/14/22

Last episode for International politics and war or peace.  I cover a UK orgs statement on the G-7;  A book review about Cuba; A rosy view of China and the Ugyers;  The possibilities of declining US Imperialism.   3 takes on the War in Ukraine; the 3rd including a broader point about peace and internationalism.

Ep142:  Left Wing Culture War 5: Reactionaries in our Mist   3/29/22

Wrap up of TERFs and their bedfellows.  I cover a background of TERFs;  A response and look at Kink in public;  brief look at a science paper about identity and mind;  Two pieces from TERFs themselves; A response to one regarding Trans in sports;  Green Leader in UK complains of TERFs there;  documentation of The US Greens kicking TERFs out.  Final take from Black Green organizer that the left stands with people not over them.

Ep143: Getting around Car Abuse. 4/5/22

Wrap up of Transportation and Car bashing. I cover how the drivers test fails; A program to trade ones car for bus passes;  A letter explaining driver privilege;  How only protected bike lanes matter;  A story about a public garden effort in Paris is recalled but also a New Labor law in Europe is rad.

Ep144: The 3 Lefts of Urbanism  4/19/22

Wrap up of Cities and Housing.  I cover the swell of zombie companies; How land use needs to change for climate habitation;  That there’s no housing shortage, but less can afford it where it is;  A school district builds affordable housing for its workers;  More about a real estate coop; Talking Tenets unions;   Anarchist city planning,  and the work of two visionary architects.

Ep145: The End  5/10/22

I end this version of the show with Pessimistic perspectives, also how all is not as it seems;  I cover an acknowledgement of ruling class Incompetence;  Americans are too polarized to unite against anything;  A piece about America in decline but using pseudo-history;  Strikes increase as people are at the breaking point; Churches close amid pandemic and religious decline;  the need for funded Revolutions and heading for the hills;  then last a look a the logic and pros of micro-states.

Ep146 A Beginning 5/24/22

Last Episode with a review and consideration of what a robust Left politics needs: The end of the Marxist Center; A call to draw sides, Revisiting a theory of Revolution being the rejecting of our role in the capitalist order.  A metamodern reading about System Change: A reviews of the principles of commons management;  The meaning of Social Ecology, A Reminder of the meaning of ‘3 Lefts.