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  • WLIA 30: What’s Wrong with Capitalism: What’s ‘Left’ to Do

    I end my formal podcasting project with one more double length show. The first half is a summary of the systemic problems of our capitalist society. I use David Harvey’s […]

  • WLIA 29: What to Do About Albany?

    I finish the wrap up of the show with a retread about nonprofits and a tale of Christmas crime. I bust out an old story covering part of the aftermath […]

  • WLIA 28: Albany Stories Wrap up

    My wrap up episode to round out the series starts with a capstone to the saga of Trayvon Jackson of the South end Grocery. The I revisit 787 reconstruction and […]

  • WLIA 27: More Questions than Answers about Nonprofits

    Since the great society it’s been policy and goals for social programming and services to be managed by nonprofit enterprises for of and by the community, but also since that […]

  • WLIA 26: Housing Rights in Process w Canyon Ryan

    Today I have a special guest, Canyon Ryan, the Executive Director of United Tenants of Albany. He joins me to give an in depth update on the state of housing […]

  • WLIA 25: Food Mirage in the South End:

    This time I return with an update as I catch up with events over the summer regarding the South End Grocery which has closed and pulled the Africa-American Cultural Center […]

  • WLIA 24: Enter the Machine Part 3

    In finish the first reading about Albany’s political machine in the 20th century, covering Dan O’Connell’s rules and what his friends said of him. As I process how the machine […]

  • WLIA 23: Enter the Machine Part 2

    I continue my reading series about Albany’s modern political machine with parts from Mayor Corning’s biography. This part covers the personal relationship between the party boss Dan O’Connell, and the […]

  • WLIA 22: The Local Toastmasters

    As one interview leads to another, I have on leaders from the local toastmasters. The century old organization that seeds clubs that provide an education in public speaking. Of course […]

  • WLIA 21: Butterflies in the South End

    Today I have on a mother daughter team who formed and developed a buterfly garden at the foot of Lincoln park. Called the South End Butterfly Sanctuary, a reclaimed vacant […]