Podcast Episode 92: The Unpopular Front

Solo this week, I cover an update on the Satanists saving Abortion rights; and essays exploring the current Popular front that has developed since summer to beat both Trump and the radical Left, and historically how this strategy backfires for progressives anyway. In the 2nd Half I talk to Richard Moser, a retired labor organizer with a lot of experience who shares his views on the situation and what the near future holds for the Left and people power.                                                  Warning: Connection issues lead to my audio in the 2nd half being bad. Richard and what he has to say is clear though.

Openning CLip: Red Star U; from Red Star Videos    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcZvPAqBoXQ&list=PL12j9ckT0EV_TEQ3puuUFMvwFnbiObOcF&index=3

Music Used: All the Right Moves by One Republic


     Update on Satanic Temples Campaign to save abortion rights
     A Marxist takes Jacobin Editor for task
     Study shows Biden and Harris, as are the rest in the duopoly, are Center Right
    Social Dems popular front with the center right didn’t stop Hitler.
    How the Popular Front of the same type led to the end of the Left in America.
https://jacobinmag.com/2017/10/popular-front-communist-party-democrats                                                                                        Richard Mosers Blog

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