• Episode 64: A Case for Militant Politics

    This episode starts with what inspired me to start doing the show. Then focuses on how big reforms get done and how important it is to be militant looking at […]

  • Episode 63: Preparing for the End of our Civilization?

    Climate Change is coming and if all the collected knowledge of our society is worth anything, its going to be a collapse or a decline of our way of life. […]

  • Episode 62: The ‘Right’ Kind of Organizing w/Julian Dante

    This episode I am pleased to have my comrade Julian Dante to the show to ask some broad questions about organizing. One is “what do we define as the limits […]

  • Episode 61: Thinking like a Marxist

    Being between colds doesn’t help with the audio quality of my voice, But this episode I talk about Marxist thinking without reading much of it. What is around us that […]

  • Episode 60: What Does Democracy Look Like?

    This time I do a deep dive into Direct Democracy, starting with some musing and a look at the DSA convention and the politics there. The on to policies for […]

  • Ep 59: Socialism: Not Communism?

      Returning to talking about socialist states with nuance. I explore examples of narratives of anticommunism on the left and why they exist. Some of it comes from anarchists with […]

  • Episode 57: Pitfalls and Paths to Ecology

      In which I open with a call for the need of being a joiner, then share two examples of obstacles to progress regarding ecology; oversold techno fixes and patriarchal […]

  • Ep 56: Structuralism for Everybody

    In which I start talking about socialists in local contexts, then dive into the topic of how the injustice in our times lives not in the hearts of men but […]

  • Ep 55: High Tech, High Impacts

    In which I explore how technological change is not an ecological solution, breaking down the narrative of capital innovation saving us from climate change. This includes talking about Flying, micro […]

  • Ep 54: Anarchy: Rules

    In which I discuss the need for anarchism, what the movement for it needs to do, and the various barriers and ideas related to making it work on community scale […]