Ep 87: Summer Slam’n News Jam’n

This time I take a break from serious discussion to cover a slew of stories from all corners of the web. Clumped around topics of new family types; abortion, new unions; democracy reforms, and more. Always something interesting to talk about. good stuff to bring up at work during if you still have them, breaks.


Sources and Links

    The ruling class Destroys America to save it from socialism.
    Yachts is France Destroyed; twice.
    Platonic co-parenting. New Families
    Willow Smith Is poly; gen z role model?
    Atheist Relegion takes step to challenge anti-abortion laws, or Religious freedom ‘to deny service’ laws
    Homecare workers are unionizing
    Kickstarter employees unionize, becoming first in tech sector.
    Newsweek reminds us of the movement toward direct democracy tools.
    Ranked Choice Ballot continues in Maine; in NY the dems did it, but only for THEIR primaries.
    Case in South Africa leads to program of locals maintaining roads can bill the state.

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