Tag: socialism

  • Episode 64: A Case for Militant Politics

    This episode starts with what inspired me to start doing the show. Then focuses on how big reforms get done and how important it is to be militant looking at […]

  • Ep 59: Socialism, not Communism?

    Returning to talking about socialist states with nuance. I explore examples of narratives of anticommunism on the left and why they exist. Some of it comes from anarchists with good […]

  • Ep 46: Dems Fail Hard. Can Greens Do Better?

    While Bernie and Cortez woo voters and watchers, the gears of corporate power continue to turn. Thus I revisit how and why the Democratic Party are a dead end for […]

  • Ep 43: Wait, Is this a Communist Show?

    This Episode I cover ‘ultra’ left politics with pieces explaining famous people who liked Stalin, baseline communist goals, Marxist concepts like ‘mass lines’, ‘duel power’ and more. I then finish […]

  • Ep 42: Moving Forward Means Moving Left

    This edition of the show takes us on a look at the end of the liberal system and the need for a new progressive one both at home and abroad. […]

  • Ep 24: Eco-socialist Solidarity Plz

    In this maybe final show with Sage we discuss two candidates in the VT Dem primary and their effect for normalizing the marginalized. How socialist ideas mesh with better adapting […]