Podcast Episode 91: Lessons of Left dis-unity Past

This time we shy away from strategy and issues of the future to take a sober look at why left unity has not happened. First in the past with a glimpse of lessons from ex-communists and from the account of two socialist women in Germany right before the Nazis took power. We then spend the 2nd Half deconstructing a meme mocking ML views; but use it to explore all sorts of left-wing ideas and why MLs have a point about some things. We finish with the thing that has united the left as least for the moment; having a laugh from Trump having covid.



     The Working week of two socialist German women in 1930
Readings In European History; A collection of primary sources 1789 to the present:  Edited by John Heineman: Kendell Hunt Publishing c1979

     The God that Failed

    The meme we explored:

Music Used: No Comrade of Mine: Unknown                                                                                                            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxsSEwsn5-Y&list=PL12j9ckT0EV_TEQ3puuUFMvwFnbiObOcF&index=28&t=1s&ab_channel=GETchan 


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