Month: July 2018

  • A Matter of Tactics

    In this episode recorded 3/31/18  at the beginning of the horrors of the Gaza march of return. We fill the rest show with talk of stories that feel like wins […]

  • Gun Control Madness…also Nerd Stuff

    In this edition of the show we cover a bunch of Left wing takes on gun control, because it was all everyone could talk about, including forgetting to be mad […]

  • Infrastructures of our Discontent

    This episode is emblematic of the shows style, to cover a bunch of random topics and blame stuff on capitalism, but throw in a bit talking about what to do […]

  • The Micro and the Macro

    Our first episode in studio as well as in the year 2018 at the then recently finished community radio station. I’m now joined by Jeremy Brock, and everyman worker who […]

  • Gondola Socialism

    The last episode recorded in 2016: I sit down again with comrade Nick to cover more various topics like (impending Presi) Trump; ‘resistance’ to the agenda with some discussion of […]

  • Going Full Commie

    This 2nd episode recorded in 2016 is with comrade Nick, a ML socialist and teacher. We sat down and talked about Cuba, the labor theory of value as a way […]

  • Green Capitalism?

    In this my hopefully only solo show: I talk about the show itself, a story about a rural community opposing solar power and a modest proposal about cars. Recorded early […]