• Podcast Ep 78: Revolution in 3 Easy Steps

    In this episode I start with the concept of Hyper-normal, and a discussion of why Americans are slow to rebel or disrupt the system so they dislike. Avoiding simple ideas […]

  • EP 77 New Normals are Here Again

    I return to the topic of the Pandemic and the strike wave; first by sharing establishment musings on the true reach of the Crisis. I harp about the cult of […]

  • Ep 76: Greenwashing Part 4: Yuppies Revenge

    This time I return to ecological critique and green capitalist humbug with stories about regardless of intent, establishment lies are in the mix. An animal rights call; a tree planting […]

  • Ep 75: I Rant for the Green Party

    Because Who else Will? On the heels of Bernie suspending his campaign, the progressive movement  is left in the lurch debating Biden voting, strategy and being moody. I attempt to […]

  • Strike Wave and the Need for Socialism

    Episode 74 The crisis continues but a lot of people are not taking it quietly, I cover the call for a general strike and the various strikes occurring across the […]

  • Episode 72: The Crisis Begins

    The social and economic lock-down has began and I reflect on the board implications of it and other thoughts with the help of a clip of Zero Books publisher Douglas […]

  • Episode 73: Left-wing Virus Response

    The Lock-down is only beginning, and so is the anger I feel for the system. I share some of it with you via some reactions to the crisis: I cover […]

  • Episode 71: Primary Possibilities

    This time we start with Julian‘s reaction to super Tuesday and DNC malfeasance, compare that to our respective orgs, The GP and DSA, we meander through various possibilities not only […]

  • Episode 69: The 2 Lefts Show

    I have as a guest Albany County Legislator Sam Fein, A progressive Dem running for State Assembly and neighbor to the radio station. We discuss the Dem Primary, local environmental […]

  • Episode 70: The Anarchist Option

    This time I Discuss why anarchist thinking is important with an essay from Current Affairs editor Nathan Robinson; Then I give an explanation of affinity groups, talk about dual power […]