Ep 75: I Rant for the Green Party

Because Who else Will?

On the heels of Bernie suspending his campaign, the progressive movement  is left in the lurch debating Biden voting, strategy and being moody. I attempt to bring clarity by sharing various points from Green Party activists on Bernie and the cause. I also cover 3 pieces that help the issue, but also don’t; One says vote green but only to get something, anything, from Biden. A centrist that calls of more parties but with little to back it up. The last is Bill McKibben who suggests in subtext that we should be elections activists, but not an org that participates in them. You can tell I’m more upset with him. Put all of this stuff together and you might get a whole good take.


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Rolling stone interview referenced early on: I would argue the far left has done the rethinking, but its why GP strategy/work is so separated from the rest of the progressive left. More on internal version of this later.  link     Starts at 36:50

GP organizer points out leftwing organizing without an ind electoral party gets subverted by the Dems.


He continues that he has seen many potential radical people fold into the dems because of the Sanders movement.


GP candidate asks why anyone thought a sanders primary campaign would work this time.


GP congressional candidate calls out Bernie for sheepdogging. Basic case for Green Party politcal action in 2020.


Candidate Greenfields breakdown of ‘swing voters’. Dem leadership continues going right. They know they can’t go against Wall Street Power.


Guy on FB post boldly sets the goal, Greens replace dems in 2 election cycles. A goal I honestly made 2 cycles ago.


Column from Ind business dude on need for more parties. Leaves out the reforms to fight for.


Case for voting Green to shift Biden left. Who is this guy kidding? Still some good points.


Bill Mckibben suggests GP fights for Ranked Ballots; forgets to say we already do. So what is he getting at? My guess is we should just be nonprofit activist like himself.


Comment from Angela Davis on need for new Party: Was 4 years ago; Any minor party work since?


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