Green Party


Ep 75: I Rant for the Green Party

Because Who else Will? On the heels of Bernie suspending his campaign, the progressive movement  is left in the lurch debating Biden voting, strategy and being moody. I attempt to bring clarity by sharing various points from Green Party activists […]


Episode 71: Primary Possibilities

This time we start with Julianā€˜s reaction to super Tuesday and DNC malfeasance, compare that to our respective orgs, The GP and DSA, we meander through various possibilities not only for the Dem primary with Bernie, but other types of […]


Ep 67: Green Party Blues

Rather than raging about the Dem primary like everyone else, I cover arguments for voting 3rd Party, some Leftists critique of what we’re doing, and Pres Candidate Hawkins response. A general case is made that however the Primary shakes out, […]