WLIA 30: What’s Wrong with Capitalism: What’s ‘Left’ to Do

I end my formal podcasting project with one more double length show. The first half is a summary of the systemic problems of our capitalist society. I use David Harvey’s work to discuss the contradictions of capitalism; those that are unsolvable with markets or the state, the ones that change with the times; and the ones that keep us up at night.
In the 2nd half I go into the various projects I wish to undertake and relate anew the arguments for a membership based independent political party. As I throw myself into Green-party organizing, I also consider and explain time-banking, income or expense sharing, and a more viable model for community journalism. The future is what we do with it; and what we are prepared for.


Radical Reviewers book review of 17 Contradictions of Capitalism
Income Sharing article
Info District Article
Time-banking retread

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