Episode 72: The Crisis Begins

The social and economic lock-down has began and I reflect on the board implications of it and other thoughts with the help of a clip of Zero Books publisher Douglas Lain. I cover a reminder that mass eating of meat has been part of the cause of this. I Then cover anarchist Margret Killjoy’s take on coping with the crisis we face whether it is the immediate pandemic, or the long one of climate change. I’m also joined by Program Dir of the Station Paul Smart, who related his flu experience and discusses the work of James H Kunsler.



      Doug Lain gives unscripted thoughts


     Acting when your world is ending


     A Vegan I told you so.


      Kunstler’s TED Talk in 2010 on the Long Emergency as a worldview


     His talk relating to the Geo of Nowhere, this was formative for me as I had just started college.


     Music Used : Ooh Child by The Five Stairsteps

                              The Future: by All American Rejects

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