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  • Ep 224: The Congressional Canvasser

    This episode I interview Slava Rar; a fellow I met at the local Cuba solidarity rally running for congress against our establishment ‘progressive’ democrat. He shares his personal and more […]

  • Ep123: What Are The Greens Doing These Days?

    As I did last year; I am choosing to present content from The Green Party’s Annual meeting made up of various workshops: included is the Q and A with the […]

  • Episode 122: New Atheist and Food Socialist Banter

    Old College buddy from NYC Rory Evans joins me this week as we revisit the new atheist topics that led to our being friends with discussion of the continuing decline […]

  • Episode 121: Are We Winning, America?

    I go into the weeds this time with some pieces related to psychology: First a commentary on the General psychosis of Americans; reporting on a fresh paper on depression’s causes […]

  • Episode 120: Worker Party Independence Day

    Last time I talked about the election system and hinted at reform gridlock, this time I talk about class politics and how they require a class based party. 3rd Party […]

  • Episode 119: Party Suppression on the DL

    The 2 Party system: Most hate it; few fully understand exists; fewer are prepared to stand in opposition to it. I’m joined by new volunteer Lou Bitler to explore the […]

  • Episode 118: Happy Motoring; Dangerous Living

    This Episode explores the intersection between police brutality and car dependency. I use pieces looking at the biases and other problems of traffic enforcement, shift to police reform stories and […]

  • Ep 117 Sustainable Wishes and Solar Power Dreams

    This time I return with an Ecology episode. I start with the usual green-washing stories, this time relating to corporate ‘net zero’ goals, and meat labeling. Next I explore the […]

  • Ep 116: Radical Reductionism: Left-wing culture War part 5

    This time I explore the problems with what is usually called left liberal political correctness or idenity politics. Marxists in turn get called ‘class reductionists’, but I’m just seeking nuance. […]

  • Ep 115 The Unity of Opposites (Left-wing culture war 4)

    What do ‘Tankies’ and ‘Anarkiddies’ have in common? I seek understanding of the extremes of American leftists and where things can go for any of them. I take a look […]