Episode 120: Worker Party Independence Day

Last time I talked about the election system and hinted at reform gridlock, this time I talk about class politics and how they require a class based party. 3rd Party arguments are made again but this time with more depth. I revisit the debate on working with right populists over liberals; a debrief from Green Candidate Hawkins on progressive surrender along with his take on working class nonvoters. Then a case of a fallen DSA Alderman in Chicago. In the 2nd half I read a Piece about how a insiders wanting to do good need a strong outsider movement; and cover a Marxist response to all manner of Dem entry arguments.

Music Used Which Side are you On; cover by Ani Defranco


Liberals are too hostile to class politics to ally with themselves
Candidate Hawkins debrief of the 2020 election
Hawkins on working class nonvoters
DSA Endorsed Dem moves right, DSA moves to censure
Trade unionist speaks to inportance of strong outsiders to keeps the ‘entryists strong’
Writings on the Debate in DSA on Dem Party Entry and Working class Rev politics
Unread backround: the capitalist Influence that ‘saved democracy’ from Trump

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