Episode 119: Party Suppression on the DL

The 2 Party system: Most hate it; few fully understand exists; fewer are prepared to stand in opposition to it. I’m joined by new volunteer Lou Bitler to explore the issues of our election system by looking at the Dem primary in NY: which is a one party state in various areas. Private money in Politics, who controls the voting, and DSA Vs radical election strategy are discussed. Lou and I also go over basic positions on police abolition and other concerns. Also a reference to Bullworth, an unknown classic, buried in the same way for the same reasons as Alt parties.

Music Used: Ghetto Superstar, by Pras feat Ol Dirty Bast & Mya: clips from Bullworth Closing/Opening Music (if used) Jakuzure’s Theme from Kill La Kill

General results from NYC Dem Primary
Another for more context, focusing using; and confirming beltway assumptions
Basic Capital reporting on the NY Primary
Money in Politics reporting for the NYC race
The ugly mess that is the NY election system; How to reform?
Single Payer held up dispite dem majorites; needs more public and loud support
Comarde of Mine writes about the Buffolo win and local political strategy
Statement relating to more radical BLM chapters breaking from coopted movement

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