Ep 224: The Congressional Canvasser

This episode I interview Slava Rar; a fellow I met at the local Cuba solidarity rally running for congress against our establishment ‘progressive’ democrat. He shares his personal and more importantly political story; shares his efforts and experiences so far campaigning off the mainstream radar, as well as his vision for deliberative democracy once in congress. Tech issues cut our discussion of his canvasing and petitioning so I supplement our chat with more audio from Green party talks featuring Howie Hawkins and others about political organizing by ideology and deep canvasing, topics touched on by Slava, and something all activists need to be doing to break the prison of online chatter and establishment games.

Music Used: Song of the United Front:

Slava on Facebook and web

How to Build a local: Advice for all political organizing
Green Socialist Efforts: Deep canvasing and more.

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