Episode 121: Are We Winning, America?

I go into the weeds this time with some pieces related to psychology: First a commentary on the General psychosis of Americans; reporting on a fresh paper on depression’s causes and solutions; then another paper challenging the underlying logic of evolutionary psychology. Tn the 2nd Half I return to the counterculture of aro-aces and platonic coupling. But I also cover polling revealing something surprising about singles. All the while I remember why I’m talking about any of this with a note about if this is the ‘right’ kind of feminism.

Music Used: API Orientation; by HyperDuck Soundworks


Something isn’t right with Americans
Depression is material defense mechanism, but overused.
New Blackademic points out a problem with sector of theory
Lifestyle piece on Platonic Marriage
Polling on the attitudes of Single people; most are not seeking
Aro Ace Model promotes the sub/counter culture
An added comment on Ace article by fellow socialist

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