Ep 115 The Unity of Opposites (Left-wing culture war 4)

What do ‘Tankies’ and ‘Anarkiddies’ have in common? I seek understanding of the extremes of American leftists and where things can go for any of them. I take a look at a failed (or succeeded) Right Libertarian project as intro to explore the politics of Left Libertarians, and their rejection of ‘left unity’. In the 2nd half I cover the general market anarchist platform, all the while debate myself over the trends in activism vs organizing. To provide balance and make a broader point about certain illusions, finish with a long form analysis of the thinking and practice of Marxist Leninists, (the hated Tankies). The observations I make lead to a question that shocks even me. In capitalist America, are all of these different leftists not all doing the same thing?!
Music Used: Vanguard by David Rovics


Libertarian social experiment defeated by bears
State of the Free State project by Exec Director
Libsoc Caucus member defends their presence in Lib Party
An anarchist rejects left unity, only tactical allies
Free Markets is communism, mutualist politics.
A Full analysis of ML-ism in US

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