Episode 118: Happy Motoring; Dangerous Living

This Episode explores the intersection between police brutality and car dependency. I use pieces looking at the biases and other problems of traffic enforcement, shift to police reform stories and touch on homelessness and then swing back to cars as a weapon and expression of supremacy over others with a wrap up by pointing out that the driving test, like most symbols of harm reduction within capitalism, are bullcrap.

Music Used: Calling All Cops by Motion City Soundtrack:

Because of Racist System, automatic Traffic enforcement
Because of that and Unsafe Diving; End enforcement, reform driving
Newark NJ gloats of lack of police gun use; credit reforms
Denver set to expand successful unarmed crisis teams;
Another Denver story about legal Homeless camp; various reactions
Unread: Homeless and activists occupy motel during Lockdown; city scrabbles to house teens
Cars as weapons of the Far Right: Justification of status quo for Moderates: Driving culture is a representation of everything ugly about America and its politics
Driving Test and Driving Safety comparable to capitalism as a whole

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