Ep 117 Sustainable Wishes and Solar Power Dreams

This time I return with an Ecology episode. I start with the usual green-washing stories, this time relating to corporate ‘net zero’ goals, and meat labeling. Next I explore the racist source for lifeboat ethics/anti commons narratives, then revisit a counterfactual on my previous coverage of resource limits and the renewable power transition. The 2nd hour I devote entirely to the content of Low Tech Magazine, throwing shade on vertical farming as not helpful, explore using low tech solutions for growing fruit in cold areas, and a piece taking on the ecological footprint of modern healthcare in a way that with the awareness from the first hour, doesn’t throw grandma out of the lifeboat.

Music Used: Hallelujah I’m a Bum, by Utah Phillips Minorities at my Water Park, from South Park
Orbital Sky Diving, by Gario (Newgrounds Music)

Keystone XL pipeline officially halted
How Fossil Fuel Industry are using ‘net zero’ goals to continue the status quo.
Progressive Farmer bemoans big Agro’s ability to lie about meat sourcing.
Anti commons narratives based on mindset of supremacy
Youtube videos referenced. Modern Altantis and vaccine myths
Depending on how you look at it: we do have enough minerals for renewables.

Low Tech Mag Articles Vertical farming debunk; Soviet Topical Fruit growing; and Healthcare Questions

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