Ep 116: Radical Reductionism: Left-wing culture War part 5

This time I explore the problems with what is usually called left liberal political correctness or idenity politics. Marxists in turn get called ‘class reductionists’, but I’m just seeking nuance. I cover pieces about class vs race messaging to voters, umbrella terms like BIPOC, the difference between social classes and economic classes and how they effect how politics are done; and ‘the queer Bolshevik’ arguing that queerness and Marxism are not in conflict In the 2nd Half I share a discussion of the progressive stack, Communists call out an anarchist education project, and activists review the history that has brought us here with a case that identity politics in practice, are working against radical change. All the while I struggle to make sense of all these points in the context I find myself in.
Music Used: Face to Face(Cosmo Villitte remix): by Daft Punk
Class better than race framing with voters
A critic of the word ‘BIPOC’: A look at Identity politics
Zero Books video on the post Left: how caste is different from class
Social issues/identity and Marxism are not in conflict if you take class into account
A professor explains progressive stack, good sometimes, not others.
Marxists take an Anarchist education project to task for limiting concept of ‘working class’
Long form essay on anti-oppression politics: how culture war politics is not based.

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