Ep133: Insider Trade Offs and the Democracy Agenda

I talk election results related to socialist progress so as predicted I get mad and exasperated. I share some of my feelings for Dem-enter by discussing A Dem-Soc who holds Obama’s old IL Seat; DSA election results, and the Fix in Buffalo where history was ‘not made’. In the 2nd Half I cover the deep dive into the reforms that are actually needed to make elections a viable Tactic for the independent Left.

Music Used: Viscous Cycle, by AiKai


Dem-Soc Gains insider status at behest of End Bail Coalition
Coverage of national DSA endorsee wins.
Class Based Duopoly beats the Dem-soc in Buffalo NY
Unread: Dems create new PAC to defeat Dem-Socs next year, paint them as radicals
Unread: Progressives Surprised by level of corruption. Need more fellows elected.
Outline of a Radical Democracy Agenda beyond Dem Election reform

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