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  • Ep 144: The 3 Lefts of Urbanism

    Housing Wrap up Show! I explore once again the underlying issues in our built environment via anti-cpaitalism; then give responses from socialist and anarchist perspectives.

  • Ep 143: Getting Around Car Abuse

    In this shorter episode I cover the last of my articles having to do with the war on cars and movements toward a cities for people and not machines. I […]

  • Ep 142: Left Wing Culture War 5: Protection or Solidarity?

    TERF’s: the ever present punching bag of the woke left that ruined Harry Potter. I finish my series on inter left conflict with the one revolving around Trans rights, but […]

  • Ep 141: Materialist Boy Living in a Multi-Polar World

    This Time I wrap up international topics revisiting socialist states and geo-politics from a internationalist point of view. I start with a statement of position from eco-socialists; a Jacobin book […]

  • Ep140: Food for Thought 2/1/22

    I return to Food issues and ecology to discuss the transition to plant based diets and intersections with reactionary politics overall. I cover the double-think of meat eating, kids confused […]

  • Ep139: Left Wing Strategy Tour Part 4 (1/24/22)

    This episode is a wrap up for the series in which I explore various possibilities for ‘The Leftist Project’ with the goal of Revolution. I build and call back to […]

  • Ep138: Quiet Revolutions in Labor

    While Anti-work culture is on the rise; so are the possibilities and movement towards unionization, coops, and so on. Today’s I cover stories that link these things together with a […]

  • Ep137: Planet of Hypocrites

    Pulled from the middle of last year; I cover The largely forgotten documentary produced by Micheal Moore; Planet of the Humans. A film with flaws, but A premise that aligns […]

  • Ep136: Para-What?

    A review and discussion of the utopian model for a participatory economy.

  • Ep135: Social Issues Sensual and Systemic

    This time I run through points of interest about social issues big and small. The first half covers abortion, sex work, the safety of gay bars, how romance usually starts […]