Ep139: Left Wing Strategy Tour Part 4 (1/24/22)

This episode is a wrap up for the series in which I explore various possibilities for ‘The Leftist Project’ with the goal of Revolution. I build and call back to a lot of the content of the past 100 episodes, layering 4 different takes on to each other. One dem-soc, than an ML, then a Eco-anarchist, then Eco-socialist like myself. This episode is truly what the 3 Lefts is about.
I start with a poll that more Americans want socialism of some kind, than move to a essay that moves that the project is to figure out what socialism for us is while don’t reformist politics. Next argues revolution is possible, it just requires organized Marxists with a plan and a mandate from the workers. The next is an anarchist that explains that prefiguritive politics and that culture change comes before other change. Last is a NY Radical who discusses the limits of the kinds of strategies discussed so far and says radical worker organization is the way to system change. I end with some of a list of short lines of advice for all aspiring Left wing Revolutionaries.


‘Socialism’ more acceptable
Socialism from Below; Project is to figure out what to do while we reformism
Rev optimism: project is to build marxist groups to lead with program
Culture First; Prefiguritive Projects to build Rev culture/educate
Project is to Tie Workers into Large Rev organization
List of advice for Old and New Socialists working on the project

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