Ep130: Class Conflict Confusion

I return with a dive into a new essay from an historian commenting on what he calls the ‘Local Gentry’ of America. Meaning the various millionaires who factor into a better class analysis. I then cover an interview with him […]

Ep129: Leftist Infighting Panel 9/26/21

Towards the end of summer; I took an invitation to join a panel on infighting in the Left. Being on Twitch the host likely thought the topic is focused on online drama, but inviting myself an another irl organizer dramatically […]

Ep128 Housing Hopefulness

This time I continue from the last episode on urban policy in first half reacting to liberal responses to grassroots movement for rent control or public housing, the rising cost of construction and a discussion of capitalist rent collecting as […]

Ep127: Urbanist Anxiety

I can’t talk about Mass Transit without continuing to talk about cities and housing policy, which touches many areas, so I focus in on zoning and regulations, uses of urbanism, and of course some capitalism bashing. Seguing over from Transportation […]

Ep126: Transit Angst 8/31/21

This time I cover the bread and butter issues of Mass Transit; First by covering a history of the build out of the Highway system, and how public mass transit is still shortchanged both by institutions and the wait for […]

Ep125: Ecological Manic-Depressive

Another eco-news episode with various topics that like a forest interconnect but represent an equally diverse set of mental states: First I review the post-capitalist mindset with a comment about other options and a steady stater essay. I cover the […]

Ep 224: The Congressional Canvasser

This episode I interview Slava Rar; a fellow I met at the local Cuba solidarity rally running for congress against our establishment ‘progressive’ democrat. He shares his personal and more importantly political story; shares his efforts and experiences so far […]

Ep123: What Are The Greens Doing These Days?

As I did last year; I am choosing to present content from The Green Party’s Annual meeting made up of various workshops: included is the Q and A with the keynote speaker, the Woman’s Caucus workshop on running for office; […]

Episode 121: Are We Winning, America?

I go into the weeds this time with some pieces related to psychology: First a commentary on the General psychosis of Americans; reporting on a fresh paper on depression’s causes and solutions; then another paper challenging the underlying logic of […]