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  • Ep 113: A Real Leftist Mood

    A final clip show for now: this one focuses on electoral activism and the parts that make up a vision of a leftist future. Beginning with clips that set the […]

  • Ep 112: From Peak Oil to Capitalism’s Bottom

    The 2nd clip show of audio ripped from youtube videos I’ve saved for a several years and represent somewhat the evolution of my political outlook. Urban planning, peak oil, and […]

  • Ep 111: Leftist Anguish On Leftube

    A clip Show made up of bookmarked videos from Youtube arranged to tell something of a story of the feelings, narratives and inner monologues of leftists. The first Half covers […]

  • Ep 110: Left Wing Strategy Tour Part 3: The Co-op Question

    This time we cover Co-ops. We assume you already think their great, so we explore questions of funding, sustaining them, and questions like if they really undermine capitalism, what place […]

  • Ep 109: Eco-News To Possibly Use

    We spend the first chuck of the show talking about the trap of culture war and social media outreach. A warning that the alternative is canvasing in person. We share […]

  • Episode 108: Solarpunk Again; Utopia in the Making

    Resist Dystopia! The show gripes about cyberpunk and revisits Solarpunk to explore the subculture in full. In the 2nd half we cover the narratives offered by a black social ecology, […]

  • Episode 107: Pandemic 5: The Dystopia That Is

    We return with a return to thinking about the pandemic as it shapes the world and culture of the next 15 years. Focusing on its dystopian aspects. We review the […]

  • Episode 106: Help us Comarde Xi!

    We shift gears to talk about socialism: Chinese style! First we acknowledge the Uighur forced labor camps from a proper point of view. We then cover an argument of why […]

  • Episode 105 Blocks off the Chain

    To continue the conversation about alternative currencies and wrap up the topic of duel power building we look at Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin got a lot of hype but one […]

  • Episode 104 Going Cashless the Leftwing Way

    This show opens with me takes on the events of the J-6 reminding us to not take our eyes off of content in what we fight for in unfolding ‘civil […]