Ep 143: Getting Around Car Abuse

In this shorter episode I cover the last of my articles having to do with the war on cars and movements toward a cities for people and not machines. I read about the uselessness of the drivers test in ensuring […]

Ep140: Food for Thought 2/1/22

I return to Food issues and ecology to discuss the transition to plant based diets and intersections with reactionary politics overall. I cover the double-think of meat eating, kids confused about meat, and a deep dive into the weakness of […]

Ep138: Quiet Revolutions in Labor

While Anti-work culture is on the rise; so are the possibilities and movement towards unionization, coops, and so on. Today’s I cover stories that link these things together with a general theme discussing the role of spectacle as being necessary, […]

Ep137: Planet of Hypocrites

Pulled from the middle of last year; I cover The largely forgotten documentary produced by Micheal Moore; Planet of the Humans. A film with flaws, but A premise that aligns with much of my previous ecology episodes. I begin with […]

Ep135: Social Issues Sensual and Systemic

This time I run through points of interest about social issues big and small. The first half covers abortion, sex work, the safety of gay bars, how romance usually starts with friendship, and aro-aces as queer. In the 2nd half […]