Ep 146: A Beginning

I finish this version of the program with a review and consideration via different sources of what a robust Left politics needs. I cover the end of the Marxist Center; A call to draw sides, and revisit a theory of Revolution taking both workers and professionals rejecting their role in the capitalist order.
In the 2nd Half I focus on a reading about Game Changing, (the system is a game) and wrap up with reviews of the principles of commons management, then the meaning of Social Ecology, a reminder of the need to take the ‘3 Lefts’ together.

Open Letter about the lessons from the run of a national org
An ML talks about the need for taking a side vs getting along for the sake of it.
The Theory of ‘Class Suicide’ In Revolutions
Last Reading from Metamoderna about System Change
8 Principles for managing Commons
Reminder of the meaning of Social Ecology. The Need for the ‘3 Lefts’

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