It’s said that if there’s any trend is that things are getting worse as things stay exactly the same. History moves but as the disconnections of late stage capitalism persist the Left seems stuck in place, weak if not nonexistent outside of scare trends. I explore pessimistic perspectives relating to a incompetent ruling class, divided society, and labor action as last resort after trying (or not trying) anything else. But if something is ending, maybe we should be cheering it on, Old religion, old activism, or nation states.


Our government elites don’t know how to do anything substantial
Even Crisis can’t unite Americans anymore.
A pedantic piece about American decline
Relating Strike-tober/ labor to giving up on the system.
An old church closes as tradition wanes further post pandemic
Various points about revolting, how hard it is, and that it isn’t cheap
Maybe the breakdown of America be turned to a positive.

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