Ep135: Social Issues Sensual and Systemic

This time I run through points of interest about social issues big and small. The first half covers abortion, sex work, the safety of gay bars, how romance usually starts with friendship, and aro-aces as queer. In the 2nd half I cover pieces about elite use of toxic positivism in the neoliberal order; the basis of that tread with meritocracy; and how social values change quickly when the masses (that’s us) move, finishing with a piece about abolishing museums(as we know them of course).

Music Used:Revolution Radio by Green Day; Going Underground, by The Jam; Tubtumbing, by Cumbawumba; Sure Fire Winners, by Adam Lanbert; Vicious Cycle, by AiKAi


Pro Life Activist Switches positions
Sex Work during Covid Crisis: social values unclear in law cut people off
Debunking of Sex/porn addiction, social values matter
Gay bars are safer, something about queerness is safer
Survey of 2K finds most romances start as friends
Aros and Ace count as queer
Neoliberals provide cope in the horror show of the economy
Pointing out how the coordinator class has changed: offers deprofessionalizing as a reform
Revolutions and pace of social change; not so gradual
A call to transform museums. Much like everything else.

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