Ep137: Planet of Hypocrites

Pulled from the middle of last year; I cover The largely forgotten documentary produced by Micheal Moore; Planet of the Humans. A film with flaws, but A premise that aligns with much of my previous ecology episodes. I begin with the kind of news that looks good, but leaves questions open about sustainability. The rest of the first Half I cover 2 reviews made in Bad faith as they are roughly the subjects being critiqued; professional climate change activists who believe in a Green Capitalism. Then and a rebuttal from a friend of the film for balance. In the 2nd half I cover 2 more nuanced takes from other veteran organizers with a clearer point of view. I then wrap up with a Green’s rant regarding astrotrufed climate movements. The film is a doomer experience, but the missing alternative from the film is found throughout other episodes of the show.


The Movie: Planet of the Humans
Portugal reaches 100% renewables for most of the year, ends FF subsidizes
Common dreams writer/activist distrusts Moore
Josh Fox’s also negative reaction
Paul Fenn’s review/Take
Mark Dunlea’s Take

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