Ep138: Quiet Revolutions in Labor

While Anti-work culture is on the rise; so are the possibilities and movement towards unionization, coops, and so on. Today’s I cover stories that link these things together with a general theme discussing the role of spectacle as being necessary, but also harming anything we take on. The 1st Half covers worker unrest, a coffeeshop workers buying their workplace after unionizing, while a union forms a co-op as their strike drags for years. In the 2nd half I cover Italy’s co-op transition policy, activist students at high school and college levels, and a piece discussing that democracy is boring in contrast to the excitement of fascism.


Rev Socialist saw potential in upswing of worker actions during 2020 unrest
Workers organizing post 2020 unrest ends with their buying the business
Telecom workers break off after failing strike to start coop Internet service with mesh network
Worker Buy Out potential in Italy, retiring owners create openings everywhere
Students on Tik-Toc organize solidarity walkout for teachers
Grad Students agitate for police Abolition coursework
Anarchism; and Democracy are not a spectacle

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