Ep 142: Left Wing Culture War 5: Protection or Solidarity?

TERF’s: the ever present punching bag of the woke left that ruined Harry Potter. I finish my series on inter left conflict with the one revolving around Trans rights, but may touch at wider ideas about what makes a leftist in the first place. I also bookend the show with takes on the silly but complex slap by Will Smith. In the First Half I cover a Full background of TERFs and their effects over the years and today then a response to the argument over kink and politics at Pride.
In the 2nd half I use the ongoing sports issue to discuss the separation from the ‘gender critical’ from the effects of their politics; then cover the pushing out of TERFs from the Greens in the UK and US, with parting words that Solidarity, not Paranoia and protection make the difference.

Music Used: Deconstruct, by Patrica Traxon: Bread and Roses, by Cincinnatis’ Womens Choir


A full background of TERFs from a Trans DC Journo
Results of the case. Other news the Plantiff Died before hand.
Where kink fits in the conversation, and how The right take advantage.
Science Paper discussed the mistakes in thinking about Identity and Ideology.
Gender Critical Teachers get push back for trying to find ‘solution’ to the trans issue.
Piece arguing for excluding trans-women athletes; they belong with the men.
Facebook post lists the counter arguments
(for fairness) A full Gender Critical Article written by Marxist (former) Green Candidate without comment. Reacting to NY passing Trans protections post Court ruling or ahead of it.
Green Candidate in UK speaks out about the problem of Terf activism.
Background on Kicking a group of Terfs out of the Greens
Washington Greens statement on their vote to kick out Terfs
The Oppressed need solidarity, not protection. Perhaps the ultimate divide in Cultural values.
Youtuber reviews good takes plus Bell Hooks on Will Smith Slap
Youtuber responses to a latent argument for biological essential-ism

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