Ep 141: Materialist Boy Living in a Multi-Polar World

This Time I wrap up international topics revisiting socialist states and geo-politics from a internationalist point of view. I start with a statement of position from eco-socialists; a Jacobin book review about Cuba how Cuba survived as a leftist country, yet another point of view on China and their treatment of Ugyers and the cause of the abuse there. In the 2nd Half I pivot to Ukraine with ever deepening understanding perspective with a clear vision of what needs to be done going forward; not only to resolve this crisis but all of them, for everybody. I cover a mainstream reaction, then and ultra-left one that blames the US, then pivot to a local leftist for a balanced take that pulls things discussed together.

Music Used: If I had a Hammer, by David Rovics

UK ecosocialist org statement on G-7 conf in 2021: ‘lay off the Imperialism’
Book review about Cuban’s socialist governments perseverance.
Another look at CCPs treatment of Uygers and the aftermath of ‘genocide’.
The end of Pax Americana opens door of possibilities bad but also good.
A reasonable reaction of the invasion
Marxist view on the cause of the war being US Imperialism
Viewpoint from a leftist in Kiev- World Peace is up to everyone
Some Philosophy that counters some of my points, where I go wrong

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