Ep131: Class Conflict Clarity

After a week off I return by wrapping up the topic from last time, namely debunking Micheal Lind and the myth of a professional class, then the original article pointing out the capitalists far away are easier to fight than the ones in town. In the 2nd half I shift to discussing the ‘worker shortage’ with coverage of the latest strike-wave, a Liberals observations, and the insanity of hiring practices. More like a shortage of suckers grinding for the man, Amma-rite?

Music Used: I Feel the Weight, by Mike Snow: Clip from South Park


Micheal Linds radical centrist class politics
Unused: Lind On the Hill; defends self and actual position, being pro union and other worker orgs.
Marxist case for the PMC not being a class at all by ‘Marxist Paul’
Against The American Gentry Class
Gender gap in college students continues to widen, and drop altogether. (paywall!)
New Strike-wave among the unionized or newly unionized during ‘worker shortage’
A New England banker discusses the worker shortage in Bar Harbor ME
Automated screening prevents some of the hiring

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