Ep127: Urbanist Anxiety

I can’t talk about Mass Transit without continuing to talk about cities and housing policy, which touches many areas, so I focus in on zoning and regulations, uses of urbanism, and of course some capitalism bashing. Seguing over from Transportation with an addendum on the Ghent Plan from last time, I jump into the partisan split concerning walk-ability. I Then cover the Democrat incentives for raising housing density, but also the effect of doing so without market or rent controls. In the 2nd Half I read a column from a community builder in Philly as he tears urbanism as a buzzword a new one; and explore how bring back public housing can be done without continuing the segregation our system maintains even now.

Music Used: Build the Cities, by Karma Fields


The Details of the Ghent Plan to cut cars from the city
Support for walkability falls along political lines more than others.
Liberal Take and call for Zoning Reform
General Result of Liberal zoning reform
Call out of (liberal) urbanism
Social Housing without doing more racism;
An architect Rants about the terrible and corrupt shape of the industries involved with housing

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