Ep128 Housing Hopefulness

This time I continue from the last episode on urban policy in first half reacting to liberal responses to grassroots movement for rent control or public housing, the rising cost of construction and a discussion of capitalist rent collecting as a central problem in of itself. In the 2nd Hour I cover a full breakdown of a policy plan for the previously talked about decommodifying of housing, involving a Land Tax, Social housing, but also the important 3rd step of bringing about communism. I finish with a commie pointing out the real demand is to abolish rent, but before that I cover some of the efforts of the actual tenet movement and some of their successes, some of them being the call for just that. At the end of the day, like healthcare and education, we want a universal housing policy.


A point on trickle down housing policy
A sample of the skyrocketing price for construction
Capitalist propaganda bashing rent control, regulations
Short Thread discussing landlords and poverty
Breakdown of a decommodifying platform/plan
Tenant orgs pushing for reforms and money to help renters
A communists call to go beyond and abolish rent.
Extra reading: job distribution influences housing prices more than supply

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