Ep132: Local Elections as Revolutionary Praxis

This shorted episode due to teeth problems covers some of the electioneering stories I’ve saved before this years election Day hits like a wiffle batt. As always, I cover wins, losses, and how running some forms of electoral politics can and does integrate with more radical and revolutionary politics, with a through line about the need for election system reform in America. Few radicals care for it, but its totally needed. I explain with how communists have taken power in an Austrian city, Greens in Scotland, and compare with the experience of a Green campaign for Mayor in a small Connecticut town and the Hawkins Walker Campaign as they reflect on their run last year for President.

Music Used: Tubthumping, by Chumbawamba


How the Communist Party came to hold power in Graz, Austria
Greens Gain in Scotland and Germany
Local Green Electioneering in CT
Hawkins/Walker Reflect on Last Year

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