Ep134: What Laws are Worth following?

This week I at long last cover left reactions to the Jan 6th Riot; but with the benefit of the hindsight of the rest of the years events, and looking back at unrest and violence in the past decade.
In the first half I talk about Trump’s removal from social media by the powers that be; and the Man disrupting BLM movement despite a report on the lack of Left wing violence. In the 2nd half I cover a Black radical reaction to a passive Left, a Vermont farmer bullied out of the state by right wingers, and a polemic on up-side of crime waves.

Music Used: Music Used: America Theme Peace/War, Civilization V If I had a Hammer, by David Rovics


Facebook Post about Trumps de-platforming and Capitalist power
Patterns of force as Feds crack down on BLM over the last year
American Militarism source of right wing extremism
Left-Wing violence is a farce compared to right wingers
Black Agenda Radio’s reaction to Jan 6th. Dems source of left’s passivity
Gun toting right wingers bully pacifist Farm Sanctuary; Law Enforcement is on the bullies side
‘Crime’ has gone up; A sign of life as much as an omen?

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