Ep134: What Laws are Worth following?

This week I at long last cover left reactions to the Jan 6th Riot, but with the benefit of the hindsight of the rest of the years events, and looking back at unrest and violence in the past decade.
In the first Half I talk about Trumps removal by the powers that be; The Law disrupting BLM movement despite a report on the lack of Left wing violence. In the 2nd Half I cover Black radical reaction, a Vermont farmer bullied out of the state by right wingers, and a polemic on up side of crime waves.

Music Used: Music Used: America Theme Peace/War, Civilization V If I had a Hammer, by David Rovics


Facebook Post about Trumps deplatforming and Capitalist power
Patterns of force as Feds crack down on BLM over the last year
American Militarism source of right wing extremism
Left-Wing violence is a farce compared to right wingers
Black Agenda Radio reaction to Jan 6th. Dems source of left’s passivity
Gun toting right wingers bully pacifist Farm Sanctuary; Law Enforcement is on the bullies side
‘Crime’ has gone up; A sign of life as much as an omen?

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