Ep126: Transit Angst 8/31/21

This time I cover the bread and butter issues of Mass Transit; First by covering a history of the build out of the Highway system, and how public mass transit is still shortchanged both by institutions and the wait for ever more complex car systems. I follow up in the 2nd Hour with 2 New York centered stories about crime/safety in mass transit (or lack thereof), and the systemic, but also people focused options to Dirt bike abuse. I finish with positive news of more successful Express Bus Lines, and the uncovering of much more invasive plans that redesign cities away from cars.

Music Used: Invisible Hand, by Ethan Miller: Transit Angst, (Simcity 4), by Jerry Martin


History Association explores Interstate highway construction
Ride Sharing Bad, Events like the Oscars distrupt public trasit without hesitaition.
Adam Something Video responding to Car Automation
Meationed Infrastructure Statement from Greens
Two sides on reducing crime on Public transit
Unread Backround info On NYC subway crime; my insticts during the show are correct. 1.5 murder per million people; Feeling unsafe because of Covid seems to blead into everything else.
People centered solutions to Dirk Bike Abuse
Coverage of Minneapolis BRT success
City policy for cutting car dependence and local traffic woes

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