Ep125: Ecological Manic-Depressive

Another eco-news episode with various topics that like a forest interconnect but represent an equally diverse set of mental states: First I review the post-capitalist mindset with a comment about other options and a steady stater essay. I cover the newest environmental law outta Maine, and a quick rant about the US climate movement. In the 2nd half I alternate between the dark facts of loss of small farms and their topsoil, the ecological forestry research and natural backyard pools, and wrap up with a peek at big Oil’s next green-washing propaganda.

Music Used: Recycle It!, by Sam Sparro Epoch, by Savlonic; Little Boxes; by Rise Against; ; Empire Falls by Doomsday Virus; Change your Life, by World Order; Now, by Paramore


Techno-fix and Armageddon are linked
The Need to Remove profit from most of the economy
Maine passes new program to charge companies for waste stream
Face book rant on the ineffective climate movement
Rising loss of topsoil in Midwest
Rising loss of small/family owed farms
Bio and Ideas of Woman behind ecological forestry research.
Types of natural pools growing in Australia in times of drought and heat.
https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-09-05/pool-to-pond-homeowners-ditch-salt-and-chlorine-for-waterholes/11461990Landback on the Hudson
Exxon looking to green-wash plastic: use reuseables; lobby to make them Pay!
Thought Slime Video on Idie Games; parody of capitalist profit cycles

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