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  • Ep 36 Yellow Jackets, Red Localism, Green Party

    This longer episode starts with a hot take from me about the Yellow Jackets and the nature of real life revolution vs the desires of peace and unbroken windows. I […]

  • Ep 35 Jewish History for the Perplexed

    Fed up with all the confusion about Jews, BDS support, and apparent antisemitism on the left and right; I dive into a general outline of Jewish History from my atheistic […]

  • Ep 34 How To Respond to Ecocide?

    Solo again to explore some of the ways to respond to ecological collapse and climate chaos; first a story on the benefits of mixing up your farming and permaculture; then […]

  • Ep 33 Division in Elections and Work

    Me and Josh continue from last time our discussion of unions during the Russian revolution, then turn to elections and questioning the strategies of fellow socialists, with a final rant […]

  • Ep 32 Bottom up Worker Unity

    This episode I’m joined for the first time by Josh Muno; We review some differences I want to have from other Left-wing podcasts; talk about communes in Venezuela, and read […]

  • Ep 31 Shades of the Left

    Sources and Links Chris Hedges and his relationship to his Left - 2 debates On Jimmy Dore: being great. Debating activist; not so great both sides antifa; huh? Marxist Center - notes from interview with Rev Left Radio Greens Gain in Bavara Hate mail to Green candidate

  • Ep 30 Buy Out or Be Bought Out

    This time I continue with the meta topic of buying out capitalism by talking about Social Wealth funds, Tenant struggles, and Workers who bought out their jobs. But first I […]

  • Ep 29 A Self Conscious History of the World

    Sources: How do we out-compete capitalism? The Rise of the Creative Class Ending Music; Static Age by Green Day

  • Ep 28 In-Groups and System Escape

    Sources Kanye talks in front of Trump ESOP promotion bill Whats the point of capitalism? 9-11 Debunking: A Leftist Youtube exploration of Validation gangs with links to more.

  • Ep 27 The Follies of Dem-Enter

    Sources WFP gives coumo their line Followup on that Ind Socialist blocked from ballot Old Marxist talks about the DSA GreenField's Facebook rant